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Battle of the Blades winners: Gordeeva and Bure

And the winning pair on CBC Television’s second season of Battle of Battle of the Blades is Â…Valeri Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva! SheKnows was there and had the chance to talk with the winning pair after the show. Here is what Valeri Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva had to say about their Battle of the Blades experience.

Battle of the Blades - Gordeeva and Bure win

“The worst part of the show is when you just get comfortable with a programme on Sunday and then on Monday you get thrown back into the learning process and it gives you a headache on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and that is when I speak Russian only, so a lot of people won’t know what I’m saying,” states Bure.

“And not too many words too,” says Gordeeva with a chuckle. “No, No, No.”

“It is not only with us but all the guys and girls, you get frustrated and by Thursday you start to understand each other, and Sunday comes and you have a great time because you are skating in front of a live audience, you are feeling comfortable out there and you are having fun…it is a great experience,” recalls Bure.

Upon hoisting the crystal trophy the crystal went flying off the pedestal…but the Russian pair shrugged it off saying, in Russia we break glass.

For me personally, from the time I entered and got paired up with her, I grew up with her, watching her winning Olympic Games, she’s the one I’ve looked up to as a young kid, then 20  years later we paired up. It’s a coincidence,  but its fate as well. To spend two and a half months with her here and to get to know her as a woman, as a mom and as a wife has been a blessing,” explains Bure.

“I agree on this one,” adds Gordeeva. “I think we got lucky at boot camp when it was decided we were going to skate together, because we knew we both had so much in common.”

Watch Ekaterina Gordeeva and Valeri Bure’s performance in CBC’s Battle of the Blades 2010:

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