Morning Glory’s Rachel McAdams is a blast!

St. Thomas, Ontario’s own, actress Rachel McAdams is currently starring in the hit, smart comedy Morning Glory, alongside veterans of the silver screen, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Jeff Golblum.

Rachel McAdams in Morning GloryMorning Glory directed by Roger Michell, and written by Alline Brosh McKenna, takes moviegoers into Becky Fuller’s world, played by McAdams. When Fuller, a hard working TV producer gets fired from a local New Jersey news show, her future career prospects begin to look as depressing as her love life.

Morning show satire

Then, one day, she stumbles into a job at Daybreak, a national morning news show with dismal ratings, in fact the lowest in its time slot…and for good reason. Wanting to revitalize the show, Fuller brings legendary TV anchor and curmudgeon, Mike Pomeroy, played by Ford, on board. Pomeroy, with his large ego firmly intact, refuses to cover morning show topics such as celebrity gossip, fashion, crafts or even the weather, much to Fuller’s chagrin.

Keaton and Ford are co-hosts!

Never mind, that in addition, Pomeroy has such remarkable disdain for his new co-host, Colleen Peck, played by Keaton. Keaton’s character in Morning Glory is a former beauty queen. She’s been a morning show personality for a very long time and is very comfortable covering the morning show’s “take” on the news. Needless to say, Peck and Pomeroy don’t see eye to eye on almost anything. They begin to feud, first behind the scenes, but in no time their battles take place right on the air.

Rachel McAdams in Morning Glory

While at her new job, Fuller’s has found a fellow and is falling hard for fellow television producer, Adam Bennett, portrayed by actor Patrick Wilson. This relationship begins to unravel; this has Fuller struggling to save her relationship, her reputation, her job, and Daybreak itself.

Unlike, Fuller, who in the film exhibits an earthy sense of style, McAdams off-screen is always well put together — fashionably speaking… a red carpet stunner.

Canadian actress shines in Hollywood

The Canadian actress showed talent and a love of performing from an early age. At four, she competed in figure skating, and by the time she was 13, she was performing in Shakespearean productions at a summer theater camp. Although her plans were to study culture at college, a high school drama teacher encouraged her to audition as a drama major at York University in Toronto, where she then graduated with honours.

Rachel McAdams professional on-screen career began with an appearance on the Disney series The Famous Jett Jackson in 1998, she then appeared in a few films, but really hit it big after appearing in the 2004 films, Mean Girls and The Notebook.

Morning Glory is rated PG-13.


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