Celine Dion admits she was pregnant with triplets and names her twin boys

In an emotional interview with Julie Snyder on the French television station TVA, Céline Dion made a shocking revelation Thursday night: The famous singer admitted to having been pregnant with triplets in the early days of her pregnancy.

celine dion and rene angelil

The shock and joys of the amazing discovery was short-lived for the singer and her husband manager René Angélil.

Only five days after the discovery of the triplets, further testing indicated the heart of the third baby had stopped beating. “He chose to let go to give space to his brothers to grow,” said a very emotional Céline.

Céline names her boys

Meet Eddy and Nelson! It took them a few days, but it seems now that the duo has made up their mind.

The name “Eddy” comes from Eddy Marnay, who produced the singer’s first five records. Eddy was known to be a father figure to Céline, and was a major influence in both Céline and René’s lives.

Nelson is named after Nelson Mandela. Dion met Mr. Mandela two years ago while on her world tour in South Africa, and apparently the couple was really impressed by this man. They wanted their children to be inspired by their names, and chose names of men that inspired them both personally.

The singer, 42, gave birth to the fraternal twins on Saturday October 23 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. The family and their new bundle of joys are now resting at home in Jupiter Island with some of Dion’s sisters — and, of course, Maman Dion!


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