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Toronto International Film Festival: Survival guide

Emily Hampshire, ActressEmily Hampshire

Where to find her: Making friends on the party circuit (she’s so sweet and lovely!) or hopping between gifting suites and film premieres.

How do you prepare for TIF?

I make lists. I write down everything I need to get done, from dry-cleaning to getting tickets, in one big long ‘master TIFF to-do list’ and then right around the day before I leave for Toronto, I realize all I’ve done is make list upon list and I haven’t actually achieved anything on them!

What five things do you need to survive the festival?

I LOVE making lists!

5 THINGS I NEED TO SURVIVE TIFF 2010 by Emily Hampshire:

Blackberry (or iPhone). My main point being: a phone that allows your thumbs to do the talking (maintaining your e-lationships during TIFF is KEY).

One pair of comfy flats that fit in your purse.

One Deb Goldblatt, my publicist (although I have no idea how she can survive the festival with just one of her).

Festival pass (obviously).

Your name on guest lists. Santa doesn’t make TIFF guest lists, so they’re usually not checked twice. That is, until you’re told you’re NOT on a list, at which point it’s no fun to watch them check again.

If you could meet one celeb/filmmaker, who would it be and why?

John Cameron Mitchell. Because he will be at the festival with his latest film Rabbit Hole, but more importantly… because I’m in love with him.

What’s your weirdest TIFF moment?

Walking out of my first TIFF premiere and having Mary Hart point her massive ET microphone at me.

Have you ever been star struck?

Yes! HARD. By a sweeping gesture of Vince Vaughn’s gigantic arm to the back of my head. I turned around and was love stuck, he was just, unfortunately for me, sorry.

What’s the best advice you can give to a film fest newbie?

Use this opportunity to see the smaller movies that may never get released.

What are you most looking forward to during this year’s fest?

Two of my friends are having their directorial debut’s at TIFF this year so I’m really looking forward to seeing their films. (You should too: Mike Goldbach’s Daydream Nation and Nadia Litz’s short How To Rid Your Lover of Negative Emotions Caused by You.)

Why is TIFF so great?

Because it’s 10 days where some of the greatest people I know (as well as those I’d like to know) are all gathered in one of the greatest city’s on earth (the T-dot!!!).

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