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Toronto International Film Festival: Survival guide

Miriam Gee (third from right) with the rest of Gee Beauty ladiesGEE Beauty LADIES (NATALIE, CELENE & MIRIAM)

Where to find her: GEE Beauty, 1 Roxborough St. (or prepping for the stunning salon’s new pop-up shop at 6 Roxborough St. W., which opens this fall)

How do you prepare for TIFF?

Read, Read, Read. Twitter and Facebook have also been great tools because I can read what films and parties my friends and peers are excited about.

What five things do you need to survive the festival?

The National Post, The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star. Also my Blackberry, iPad, water, flats and lipstick.

If you could meet one celeb/filmmaker, who would it be and why?

While I appreciate all the hard work each celeb/filmmaker endures to make the films, it’s the magic of ONEXONE that truly impresses me. Matt Damon along with many other celebrities and people extend themselves and their resources to help children and raise copious amounts of money. When it comes to the welfare and well-being of children, there is not enough we can do.

Have you ever been star struck?

Of course! But I try not to show it. Don’t want to let the moment pass me by.

What’s the best advice you can give to a film fest newbie?

Go and see whatever movies you can get tickets for. Become accustom to the vibe of the city, the energy, the rhythm. It’s all part of the experience. The more films you see, the better you are at knowing which films to pick, why and what truly interests you.

What’s your most memorable TIFF moment?

Catching an intimate moment between Ben Affleck and Jen Garner on the patio at Amber during TIFF ’07.

Where do you go to hide away from the buzz and flashbulbs of the festival?

Home is the best. Actually, in my bed. I’m pretty sure there are no cameras there.

What are you most looking forward to during this year’s fest?

Black Swan and L’Amour Fou. I’m also looking forward to The Thompson Hotel, The Four Seasons and Holt Renfrew.

What’s your #1 tip for getting red carpet ready?

Having your makeup done. If your look is ‘no-makeup-makeup’ or ‘glam-it-up makeup,’ you’ll be ready for any close-up, red carpet or any other opportunity that may come your way.

Why is TIFF so great?

A few sentences don’t do the justice of explaining how significant TIFF is. Culturally, creatively and economically, TIFF engages our community in a way that no other festival does. As I explore, discover and engage, TIFF proves to be a film festival that each year exceeds my expectations.

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