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Top 10 TV moms

TV moms, just like real moms, can run the gamut from being a little crazy to frosty to negligent. But just like the real ones, there are TV moms who let the love for their children shine through every flaw and quirk. In honour of all you moms out there, here is a list of our favourite on-screen mamas who’ve raised their kids and kicked some butt in the process.

10. Kitty Foreman (That ’70s Show)

What kind of mother would let her dorky son, promiscuous daughter, and various free-loading teenagers smoke pot in her basement? An oblivious mother, of course, because the sweet-natured but scarily virtuous Kitty would never let something like that happen if she knew about it. But between her cement-hard hairstyle, distinctive swan-glucking laugh, and dedication to embarrassing her son, Kitty is pretty lovable. The ignorance can be forgiven.

Quote of choice: ‘You know I love my family, but sometimes I just want to get in the car and run them all over.’

9. Ruth Fisher (Six Feet Under)

Frances Conroy’s quiet portrait of crazed hippie mom Ruth highlighted a very frank truth: being a mom is often very thankless. That didn’t stop Ruth from loving her adult children, as bratty and immature as they were. Sure, Ruth was often too soft spoken yet manically obsessive for her own good. But she always had the best interest of her kids at heart, and that’s a tell-tale sign of a good mom if there ever was one.

Quote of choice: ‘What kind of a plan is that, to let a sick bird run wild in the house pooping?’

8. Maggie Griffin (Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List)

If you’ve only heard about Kathy’s mother Maggie from Kathy’s imitation of her in her stand-up acts (‘Jesus Christ, Kathleen! We aren’t going on any damn cruise!’) you might think Maggie was only a boxed-wine swilling potty mouth. But that would be selling her too short. Maggie loves her box of wine, sure, but she also enjoys criticizing the prices of Kathy’s DVDs, demanding hotel-like service from Kathy’s personal assistants, and relaying ancient advice about Hollywood (‘Kiss ass! That’s what everyone does in this business’). A tough mom is an invaluable mom, though, as Maggie offered to punch out Tyra Banks (!) if Tyra insulted Kathy for an upcoming interview on her talk show. Now that’s my kind of mama.

Quote of choice: ‘The difference between a Cleveland gay and a California gay – worlds apart!’

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