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The alleged death threats made against Paris Hilton are really shocking

Being in the spotlight comes with a very dangerous downside because there are people out there who want to cause you serious harm — as Paris Hilton recently found out.

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According to TMZ, the hotel heiress and her father Rick Hilton have been receiving some very disturbing messages from one man who is threatening to kill her.

In fact, the threats are reportedly so worrying that the Los Angeles Police Department has now gotten involved, and it has obtained a search warrant that will allow it to search the suspect’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

So, what sort of thing has this man been threatening? According to TMZ, one post to Hilton’s father reads, “one month and she’s dead, she’s never coming home.”

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In another post, he then says, “Invite [Paris] to the match so we can gang raper her ass hahahahahaha (sic).” And if these are not already disturbing and graphic enough, he then writes, “I’ll beat u and that bitch to unconscious.”

The man also believes the Hiltons are Jewish (they are not), and he has some serious anti-Semitic hate speech that he is spewing.

He reportedly also wrote, “KILL JEWS FOR FUN,” and “I know ur Jew family gives nothing (sic).”

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The man who is making these threats is, however, close to being apprehended. According to TMZ, their law enforcement sources say the police think they know who this man is, but they just needed the search warrant so they could verify that it is him before they make an arrest.

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