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Justin Bieber’s dad threw their bulldog over a balcony — no, seriously

Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy Bieber has recently come under fire after he allegedly threw his dog off a second-story balcony.

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TMZ reports that according to a dog trainer, who now has the pooch, the pop star’s dad allegedly got so mad with the American bulldog named Karma that he threw it off a second-story balcony.

Karma has not been the perfect pet, and according to the site, Bieber and his dad had been having behavioral problems with the animal since adopting it about a year ago. In fact, the bulldog is said to have even bitten Bieber’s younger brother, Jaxon, while living at Jeremy’s home in Canada.

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Knowing that their pet pooch needed help, Jeremy contacted a trainer for it, Trevor Dvernichuk. And according to TMZ, Dvernichuk claims he was there when he saw Jeremy fly into a fit of rage and throw the dog off the balcony and into a snowbank. Jeremy also then allegedly told Dvernichuk he must not bring the dog back until it was socialized.

According to TMZ, Dvernichuk still has Karma, but after he started spreading the word that she had been abandoned by the pop star and his dad, he has allegedly been accused of stealing the dog — and now the cops are even getting involved.

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Karma’s fate is still unknown, but according to TMZ, Dvernichuk told them “he’s concerned about the dog’s welfare because of what Jeremy did, but he doesn’t want to get in trouble with the law so now that he knows Jeremy wants the dog back he’s willing to return it.”

Whatever happens, let’s hope Karma gets the good home she deserves.

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