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Haters attack Abigail Breslin with comments about rape and suicide (VIDEO)

We’d like to take a minute to remind everyone that Abigail Breslin is only 18. Aside from her age, she’s a human being who deserves respect.

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Breslin posted a new music video online on Friday for her single, “You Suck,” and to say the comments she’s getting in response are mean is an absolute understatement. We can’t believe the horrible things people are posting.

WARNING: These tweets are as bad as they come and are definitely not PG. Read at your own discretion.

And while we think everyone has the right to their opinion, being violent and crude is taking it to another, completely inappropriate, level.

Many people, who are critiquing the video, rather than threatening Breslin’s life, say the video supports a negative message. And that instead of attacking an ex-boyfriend, we should be focusing on empowering girls in a positive way. (Unfortunately, they’re saying it with a lot more offensive language.)

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As of Dec. 1, the song had about 280,000 views on YouTube. Just over 2,800 have liked the video, while a little over 24,000 have disliked it.

Breslin most likely wrote the song for her ex-boyfriend, Michael Clifford, of 5 Seconds of Summer. Clifford confirmed that “dumb tattoo” and “bleachin’ your hair” were most likely references to him during an Australian interview on Nova FM.

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Watch the full music video below.

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