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4 Times Lana Del Rey acted freakishly like Courtney Love

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love have a lot in common.

Kurt Cobain: Read his scornful note mocking Courtney Love

Del Rey has a polished, vintage style, whereas Love is known for her ’90s grunge rock look. Del Rey is soft-spoken; Love is rather brash. Del Rey’s music is more melodic and Love is a rocker through and through.

But, if you take a closer look, there have been some times when Del Rey was seriously channeling Love and it totally makes sense that the two would team up to tour together in 2015.

1. The “West Coast” video

In the video for “West Coast,” Del Rey is sporting a ’90s rocker style in a tattered leather jacket as she prances around in the waves on the beach. The video also has a very heroin-chic vibe going for it, which is very Love à la 1994. The kicker? Del Rey is canoodling with a man who bears a striking resemblance to Love’s late husband, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.

Video credit: LanaDelReyVevo/YouTube

2. October 2012 Vogue Australia cover shoot

The spread for the Vogue shoot was said to be inspired by troubled mid-century poet, Sylvia Plath. The Vogue editors titled the spread “Melancholy Sexuality” and Del Rey reportedly loved the comparisons to Plath. Love, also, is deeply inspired by Plath. She claims that she auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club as a child by reading a Plath poem about incest, according to the Guardian.

3. The time she took a scolding from Frances Bean Cobain

Cobain, Love’s daughter with Kurt, ripped Del Rey a new one in June, after the songstress made a statement in an interview that she wished she was “dead already” like Kurt Cobain and fellow musician, Amy Winehouse.

Cobain went on to urge Del Rey to embrace life because she is too talented to waste it. Love is no stranger to Cobain’s tongue-lashings, either: She’s been feuding with her daughter for years. Cobain has said that Love was a horrible mother and even accused her of killing family pets. Cobain filed a restraining order against Love in December 2009, according to the Daily Mail.

4. The time she sang about Love’s vagina

OK… this was an accident on Del Rey’s part. Del Rey admitted in an interview in 2012 that Nirvana’s music had helped her through her youth and she was a huge fan of Kurt Cobain. She covered “Heart-Shaped Box” at a concert in Sydney, Australia, and Love promptly informed her that the song is, indeed, about Love’s lady parts. “You know that song is about my vagina right?” she tweeted. “So ummm next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?”

GIF credit: Giphy

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