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David Beckham car crash photos are really scary

David Beckham and his oldest son Brooklyn had a close shave when they were involved in a car accident in Hertfordshire, England, over the weekend.

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According to reports, the English soccer star had just picked up his son from soccer practice when his Audi RS6 was involved in a collision. However, it is believed Beckham’s air bags deployed and spared them serious injury.

“They were shaken. It was quite a heavy prang at quite a speed but everybody walked away uninjured,” a source revealed to The Telegraph. “Everybody’s fine. Thankfully the car’s airbags deployed.”

Photos of the crash have emerged, which show the driver’s side of Beckham’s car badly damaged, and the car that it collided with looks to be completely written off.

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Luckily, both father and son, who plays for Arsenal’s under-16 soccer team, were left unharmed during the incident. However, a witness of the crash explained to The Sun newspaper that Beckham was “lucky to be alive” following the incident.

The paper also reports that the woman and her daughter, who were in the other car, were treated for minor injuries. We’re glad no one was seriously harmed during this crash.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time Beckham and his son have been involved in an accident. According to the Daily Mail, just last October, he collided with another car when pulling out of his driveway in Beverly Hills, California, and his son Brooklyn had been with him at that time, too.

Let’s hope there are no future incidents!

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