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Star Wars: 6 Funniest fan-made spoofs of the new trailer (VIDEOS)

These fan-made spoofs of the new Star Wars movie trailer might just be the best things on the internet right now. May the googly eyes be with you.

When the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer came out, fans ran the spectrum of reactions, from, “OMG, the nostalgia is strong with this one,” to “OMG, please don’t eff this up, J.J. Abrams.” As die-hard fans were picking apart the trailer, one thing was pretty certain: The teaser actually left us with more questions than it answered. For instance, what was up with the rolling soccer ball droid, and is that a lightsaber broadsword. It is, but also, why?

Excitement builds in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

And while it’s inevitable that there’s a segment of the fandom that’s always going to harrumph at anything new out of the franchise (and can you blame them? Two words: Jar Jar.), a lot of fans took all of the mystery in stride and took to the internets to create their own fan-made trailer, videos and spoofs. For that, we thank them because it means we get to enjoy things like:

1. Lego Star Wars: Episode VII
Lego Star Wars isn’t exactly a new thing, but you have to appreciate this simple shot-by-shot take on the new teaser trailer, which is actually very, very impressive. Snooperking‘s captions at the bottom solve some mysteries, too. For instance, if you wondered what John Boyega’s character was doing before he popped on screen, now you know (he was tying his shoe)!

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2. This googly-eye bombed masterpiece

googly eye star wars spoof

Photo credit:

I fall into the “literally nothing can’t be improved by sticking googly eyes on it” camp, so this GIF has been playing on a loop for the past hour while I giggle at it.

3. Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer featuring George Lucas
This fan-made trailer by timtimfed couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the first three episodes of Star Wars, wherein we are forced to assume that George Lucas feels the same way about VFX as I do about googly eyes.

4. Star Wars: Lightsaber Escalation

Star Wars Lightsaber spoof gif

Photo credit:

One of the biggest questions people had after watching the new teaser trailer was, “What is up with that weird broadsword-looking crossguard lightsabery thing?” because let’s face it — it does look kinda wack. It led some people to posit that perhaps it was just a much-needed fix of a major design flaw. If Luke had had a crossguard, he might have kept his hand. It led other people to make that hilarious GIF you see up there.

5. Star Wars 7 Michael Bay Edition
Michael Bay is so easy to poke fun at, but we really can’t help it. You could say that all of those explosive scenes he crafted really… blew up in his face. Sorry, it’s so easy.

VIDEO: Michael Bay’s meltdown at CES

6. Deal with it droid

rolling droid star wars episode 7

Photo credit: imgur

Some viewers decided that the rolling droid was just a preemptive marketing ploy. Soccer ball droids! Dodgeball droids! Basketball droids! But droid don’t care.

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