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Shopping for someone who’s superhero-obsessed? We’ve got you covered

Whether you have a loved one who is 65 and totally obsessed with DC Comics or are shopping for a kindergartner who can’t get enough of Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s a gift on this list that will be sure to make this year their best Christmas ever.

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1. Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase two

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One
Image: Amazon

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two DVD collection on Blu-ray
includes Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Perfect for the Marvel fans on your list. (Amazon, $175)

2. Batman ice cube tray and pub glass set

Batman Pint Glasses

Get your super drinks on with this Batman and Robin glassware and ice cube set
. (Amazon, $25)

3. DC Comics: A Visual History

DC Comics A Visual History
Image: Barnes & Noble

Talk about stunning! DC Comics: A Visual History is sure to be a hit with the DC fans on your list. (Barnes & Noble, $36)

4. DC bombshells posters

DC Bombshells
Image: Entertainment Earth

And if the DC Visual History book doesn’t satisfy, these Batman DC bombshells posters should do the trick. The vintage-inspired superheroine pinups are sure to get any fan’s attention. (Entertainment Earth, $30)

5. Avengers sunshield

Avengers Sunshield

Perfect for Avengers fans, this Avengers sunshield will keep dashboards cool in style. (Walmart, $12) 

6. Batman print

Batman print

This dark and brooding Batman print is affordable and will look good on any wall. (Etsy, $5) 

7. Supper hero apron

Supper Hero Apron
Image: Shop PBS

This adorable supper hero apron pulls double duty as a gift for him and her — just imagine how cute you’ll look wearing this as you mind the stove or tend the grill. (Shop PBS, $25)

8. Captain America throw pillow

Captain America throw pillow

Add a splash of superhero whimsy to your living room with this adorable Captain America throw pillow. (Amazon, $4)

9. Supernova T-shirt

Supernova t-shirt from Threadless

This adorable supernova T-shirt is available in sizes for both men and women. (Threadless, $20)

10. Avengers nesting dolls

Super Hero Nesting Dolls

These fun nesting dolls will be a conversation piece for sure. (Walmart, $17)

11. The Watchmen collector’s edition: Ultimate cut Blu-ray and graphic novel

The Watchmen

Who watches the Watchmen? Superhero fans, of course. This Watchmen collector’s edition includes both the graphic novel and the film on Blu-ray. (Amazon, $32)

12. Captain America watch

Captain America Watch
Image: Amazon

Perfect for the winter soldier in your life, this Captain America watch
tells time and shields them from their foes. (Amazon, $30)

13. Superhero socks

Marvel Super Hero Socks
Image: Amazon

Help the superhero fan in your life take their obsession with them to meetings with these fantastic Marvel socks
. (Amazon, $15)

14. The Marvel Super Heroes video game

Marvel Super Heroes video game
Image: Amazon

The Marvel Super Heroes video game
will be fun for the whole family. (Amazon, starts at $12 depending on the gaming system)

15. Manga starter kit

Manga Starter Kit

This Manga starter kit
is perfect for the budding artist on your shopping list! (Amazon, $44)

16. Wonder Woman robe

Wonder Woman Robe
Image: Bed Bath & Beyod

Everyone wants to feel a little more like Wonder Woman sometimes and this cute robe will help your favorite heroine do just that. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $20)

17. Superhero skyline wall cling

Super hero skyline wall cling

Add a splash of flair to your secret lair with this superhero skyline wall cling. (Etsy, $36)

18. Supergirl sleep tank with cape

Superheroine tank tops
Image: Amazon

A caped Supergirl sleep tank will have them soaring through their dreams. (Amazon, $40)

19. Batman thumb drive

DC thumb drives
Image: Ebay

Because if the Caped Crusader can’t protect their info, who can? (Ebay, $8)

20. Marvel Super Heroes 4D experience

Marvel Super Heroes Experience
Image: Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Now, you can get up close and personal with your favorite Marvel superheroes at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. (Madame Tussauds, $15-$31)

21. Superhero diaper cover

Super Hero Diaper Covers
Image: Etsy

This superhero diaper cover is super cute! (Etsy, $12)

22. Super Hero Chutes and Ladders

Super Hero Chutes and Ladders

Super Hero Chutes and Ladders
will tickle the little super fan in your house. (Amazon, $33)

23. Guardians of the Galaxy lunch bag

Guardians of the Galaxy lunchbox
Image: Walmart

Lunchtime will be an adventure with a Guardians of the Galaxy lunch bag. (Walmart, $9)

24. Super Heroes: My First Dictionary

Super Hero Dictionary

This fun Super Heroes: My First Dictionary will make learning fun for your super preschooler. (Barnes & Noble, $12)

25. Dancing baby Groot

Dancing Groot
Image: Toys ‘R Us

We dare you to look dancing baby Groot in the eyes and not melt. (Toys ‘R Us, $5)

26. Superhero mylar balloon set

Super hero balloons

Spice up any party with these superhero mylar balloons. (Oriental Trading Co., $8 for a set of three)

27. Handmade Robin costume

Robin Tutu
Image: Etsy

This Robin dress is perfect for the little superhero ballerina in your life! (Etsy, $24)

28. Iron Man Mr. Potato Head

Iron Man Potato Head
Image: Walmart

Does someone you know love Iron Man? Do they think Mr. Potato Head is the bomb? Then they need this Iron Man Mr. Potato Head! (Walmart, $35)

29. 5-Minute Marvel Stories

5-Minute Marvel Stories
Image: Amazon

This collection of short stories is great for busy parents with little superhero fans. Each of the 5-Minute Marvel Stories
can actually be read in five minutes, perfect for adventure-filled days when time is tight. (Amazon, $10)

30. Batman Flipeez hat

Batman Hat

Run, don’t walk, to your computer and buy this awesome Batman Flipeez hat for the little Batman fan in your life. (Amazon, $14)

31. Custom superhero mobile

Super Hero Mobile

This adorable handmade superhero mobile is custom-made with the superheroes of your choice. (Etsy, $95)

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

DC or Marvel crossovers slideshow
Image: Darren Michaels/CBS

Originally published December 2014. Updated December 2016.

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