9 Things to Know About Robin Thicke’s Girlfriend, April Love Geary

When Robin Thicke started dating April Love Geary in the wake of his separation from his ex-wife Paula Patton, people were skeptical, to say the least. Geary is nearly 20 years Thicke’s junior, and kinda looks a bit like Patton — so the relationship all but had “rebound” rewritten all over it. But fast-forward almost three years, and Thicke and Geary are happy, in love — and expecting their first child.

Yup, Geary announced this week on Instagram that she and Thicke are pregnant. And get this: Geary’s due date is March 1, which also happens to be the birthday of Thicke’s late father, Alan Thicke. Pretty amazing.

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Happy in Hawaii with my lil peanut 🌴

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A lot of people also thought the Thicke/Geary love connection would never last, but clearly they were wrong. Here’s a little more to know about Geary.

1. She’s cheeky

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Love is the most righteous thing.

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Yes, we know the term “cheeky” is totally cliche, but this girl is cheeky to the max. Like, literally. She like to show off her cheeks on the reg.

And who could blame her?

2. She loves to tease

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Geary threw out some major hints that she and Thicke were married way back in November, and then never followed up on it again.

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2 years strong, love you ❤️

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We still don’t know if they are married or not.

3. She DGAF about no stinkin’ age gap

Sure, Thicke is 18 years older than Geary, but she doesn’t care — which means we probably shouldn’t either. She joked about the attention their age gap gets on Valentine’s Day by captioning an Instagram photo with a ready-made headline for gossip rags.

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“Robin Thicke & his ‘much younger girlfriend’ enjoying Napa Valley for Valentine’s Day,” she wrote.

4. She’s from Huntington Beach

That would explain why she loves being in her bikini so much. It’s in her blood.

5. She’s been a model for years

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Make up by @drodbeauty 📸 by @sirneave

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Geary is only in her early 20s, but she’s been a model for the better part of a decade.

6. She got eyed by Sports Illustrated

No surprises here! Geary was interviewed for the SI swimsuit 2015 casting call.

7. She’s got mad nicknames

The world knows her buy her first, middle and last names, but Geary told Sports Illustrated that friends and family call her “Apes” or “Love.”

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8. She loves animals

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Felt like a Disney princess to be honest lol

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Turtles, dogs, monkeys, bearded dragons, woodland creatures — Geary doesn’t discriminate when it comes to animals, and she love posting about them on Instagram.

9. She loves playing Mario Kart

Bearded dragons, a sense of humor, looks great in a bikini and she loves video games? I guess we can see why Thicke is so head-over-heels for this girl!

Originally published November 2014. Updated August 2017.


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