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Seth Rogen is making your pot-smoking dreams come true

OK, if you could smoke pot with anyone in the world, who would you choose? If you said “Seth Rogen,” your wish may be about to come true.

Lauren and Seth Rogen are looking to get lucky at prom — for a good cause

The hilarious guy behind your favorite epic weed-fueled entertainment adventures has extended a personal invitation to enjoy some marijuana with him before taking in a screening of his new movie, The Interview.

Shhh, Seth Rogen: “Piece of s***” Biebs has something to say

Rogen sent out a couple of tweets earlier this week, with an email address to RSVP for the screening in Denver, Colorado. Denver is a prime location for the event, considering it is legal to smoke weed in the state of Colorado if you are over the age of 21.

Since Rogen’s tweet says “we are going to do a screening,” it’s safe to say that his partner in crime and The Interview co-star, James Franco, will be probably present for the hijinks as well.

We’re willing to bet that everyone who attends will get to witness some epic stoner s***.

Like some sweet, sweet dance moves.

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Or fun with insects.

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Possibly lessons on how to entertain yourself during the apocalypse.

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Perhaps some tips on how to escape from evil drug lords.

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And maybe even a “Bound 3” reenactment.

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Whatever happens, if Franco and Rogen are involved, there’s sure to be some nudity.

If marijuana isn’t your thing and you’d rather throw back a beer or two with Rogen, better head to the East Coast. The actor has extended a similar invitation to drink some brewskis with him in Boston.

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