Fifty Shades fans reacting badly to Rita Ora as Mia Grey (PHOTO)

Fifty Shades of Grey fans are not happy after a photo of Rita Ora — who stars as Christian Grey’s adopted sister Mia Grey in the eagerly anticipated film — was published online on Wednesday.

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The picture was released by the film’s official Facebook page, along with the caption, “Happy Birthday, Rita Ora! Rita Ora is Mia Grey, Christian’s lively and vivacious little sister. #FiftyShades.”

The producers might be excited about casting the British pop star, but fans are much less impressed with the first official picture of the character in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film adaptation.

The picture, which shows the “How We Do” hit maker’s character Mia wearing pear earrings, a hideous floral dress and donning a short brown bob, has already received vicious comments that range from relatively mild to just plain nasty.

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“My god they are ruining this,” one fan of the hotly anticipated erotic drama wrote. “Rita Ora is beautiful but she’s not MIA for me,” wrote another.

Other comments include, “Are you kidding me? Someone dropped the ball big time!! She looks more like Mama Mia,” “I’m having issues with this,” “And I thought Mia was beautiful,” “This is the worst casting of any movie in history!” and “Rita Ora is a no talent hag!”

“She is too old to play Mia,” posted another. “Now I don’t want to see the movie. She DOES not depict Mia AT ALL.”

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If these comments are not enough for you, there are already nearly 7,000 very unhappy fans letting their opinions be known about the picture.

Tell us what you think: Did the casting and the stylist get this character very, very wrong?


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