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Red Band Society gets the plug pulled by Fox — kind of

Sorry, Red Band fans: Looks like we may never get to see the coma kid wake from his daze… at least if Fox has anything to do with it. The show may not even finish its first season.

Nothing official has been announced yet, but all signs point to the end of Red Band Society‘s life. Of the original 13 episodes filmed, only the first 10 may ever see airtime. Red Band‘s 10th episode is set to air as a fall finale on Dec. 3, but the next three episodes have been cleared from Fox’s schedule.

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Don’t start washing your hands of the show just yet, though. With no official cancellation announcement, it’s entirely possible Fox is just looking for a reboot of the show. Red Band does have a bit of a cult following from the fans it does have. There are also rumors that the network has still asked for additional scripts. Let’s hope whatever the writers can produce will convince Fox to give it another run at another time.

Although, Red Band Society still needs to find a way to resuscitate its numbers. It started off fairly weak, pulling in 4 million viewers during its debut and only rating at 1.3 in the 18-49 demographic. Its viewership and ratings have shrunk by about 25 percent since the premiere, which just doesn’t bode well for the medical drama.

Mandy Moore on her brand new role

What can showrunners and writers do if they want to stand a chance of pulling out of that code blue? For starters, they could cut down on the cheese: the hotshot doctor and parents singing ’80s hits to coma kid, Charlie, and Jordi’s in-room solo in an attempt to land a recording contract with a visiting pop star’s manager. They could also stop reminding us that Mandy Moore used to be a singer. No, guys, that joke about how she has “no idea” how tiring it is to be a teen pop sensation was not funny. It wasn’t even worth an empathetic dad joke kind of laugh.

We truly believe that Red Band Society is a good show and could be a success. It just needs to work out a few kinks. Or, maybe we just have a little too much of that unwarranted hope that continues to propel Leo forward, despite the constant setbacks.

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