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Game of Thrones releases cryptic Season 5 teaser (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones wants you to “follow the Three Eyed Raven” in their just-released teaser trailer, out in perfect time for Thanksgiving.

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And feel free to give thanks because, for however short it is, it’s our first trailer for Season 5. And, of course, it’s awesome.

In it, we see Arya, who had killed the Hound and was sailing on her independent adventure at the end of Season 4. During the clip, we hear a voice-over from a woman who sounds like Melisandre saying, “I see darkness in you.”

The trailer and the accompanying tweets are super-cryptic, which has us intrigued that the show has more up its sleeve than they’ve let on just yet.

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The tweet directs followers to sign up at a new website,, and receive “visions of the future,” which we’re hoping means a full-length trailer is coming our way soon.

As you may remember, the raven has appeared in past seasons of Game of Thrones. He has been somewhat of a mysterious guide for Bran. Specifically, at the end of last season when SPOILER ALERT Jojen was killed, the three-eyed raven appears in Bran’s dream and explains that Jojen died so Bran could find what he lost. Bran asks the raven if he will ever walk again and the raven responds, “You will never walk again, but you will fly.”

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Though we don’t yet know who the raven is exactly, the teaser for Season 5 seems to indicate that discovery will be included in the plot for the upcoming episodes.

Some have theorized that he is, or was, a member of the Night’s Watch, which would explain the “crow” name.

What are your theories about the three-eyed raven?

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