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Taylor Swift films Lena Dunham dancing like a mom to ‘Lena Dunham’ (VIDEO)

Besties Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift clearly have a lot of fun when they get together, because they enjoy breaking it down to rap songs about themselves and then filming it — at least, that’s what Swift’s Instagram account suggests.

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The “Shake It Off” singer and the Girls creator recently got together and decided to film Dunham dancing around like a crazed thing to a song called “Lena Dunham.” Yes, there’s actually a song called that by Brooklyn rap act Hand Job Academy (and no, we didn’t make up that band name).

The band — comprised of Ash Wednesday, Clara Bizna$$ and Uncle Meg — released their music video just the other day, and boy, are we glad that Dunham has found this track. After you watch this video you will be, too.

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The goofy video shows Dunham wearing black tights, ankle boots and a sweatshirt while she shows off her awkward dance moves around Swift’s apartment (you can sort of see an arm dancing in the background, which we assume belongs to the singer). The rap tune actually sounds pretty catchy, although the full song is definitely NSFW.

“This was what happened when Lena and I found out that there is a rap song called ‘Lena Dunham,'” Swift captioned the video.

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And behold, here is Swift’s gift to us all:

We wonder if this “Lena Dunham” track is going to be the next theme tune to Girls. Wouldn’t that be something!

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