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Will True Tori continue without Dean McDermott? Tori spills

After months of speculation, Tori Spelling dropped in to chat with Meredith Vieira about the future of True Tori, Dean McDermott’s involvement and the current state of her marriage. Will True Tori return… and will McDermott be on hand if it does?

Spelling dropped by The Meredith Vieira Show this morning and shared some much-needed insight with fans of her reality show, True Tori. The show, which famously follows her marriage as she navigates healing after McDermott’s cheating, has given fans an up close and personal look at Spelling’s life, marriage and couples counseling session. However, it’s also been a point of contention in their already rocky marriage.

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“I can’t keep opening a vein, opening my soul and sharing my feelings and thoughts and demons with the world,” McDermott told Access Hollywood earlier in November. “I don’t watch it. I can’t. It’s really difficult. I can’t do it anymore, for my soul.”

After that declaration, many believed it was a sign that McDermott was done with True Tori and, thus, the end of the show was in sight. Spelling set the record straight on the show, though. She said it was true that McDermott would be leaving, but that doesn’t put an end to the show.

“I don’t think so,” Spelling answered, when asked if the show would end. “For me, you know, it’s True Tori. I have a lot more to tell. I have four children, I’m a mom, I’m a woman and I want to go on.”

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McDermott’s absence will still usher in plenty of changes for True Tori. The show spent plenty of time focused on the couple’s pillow talks about their relationship, the family, the day and their self-doubts. That will most certainly disappear. We should also stop expecting to see those tearful couples counseling sessions we all look forward to.

Is this a sign of trouble for their marriage? Not necessarily. The trouble in Spelling’s marriage began long before, when McDermott cheated on her. (Or perhaps even sooner, when he left his first wife to be with Spelling after they had their affair.) If anything, it’s possible some real, true and unfilmed counseling sessions might foster actual healing between the two stars. That is, ultimately, what we want for Spelling and McDermott, after all.

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