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7 Things Paul Rudd’s hair from his ’80s yearbook looks like (PHOTOS)

Aren’t yearbook photos great?

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The magic of the internet bequeathed us with another nugget of amazingness this week. This time, it takes the form of Paul Rudd’s fraternity yearbook photo from the ’80s.

According to BuzzFeed, the pic was taken during Rudd’s time at the University of Kansas and the years have clearly been kind to Rudd. His face has hardly aged a bit, despite his love of partying, and his hair these days is a little more clean-cut, though slightly less radical.

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We can’t help but be reminded of these things when we gaze at that glorious head of hair.

1. Brian Wilson’s beard

Photo credit:

The lusciousness of the beard that led Brian Wilson and the San Francisco Giants through the 2012 World Series is likely the same magic that has guided Rudd’s career.

2. A Puli dog

GIF credit: Spider Channel/YouTube

What we wouldn’t give to see the adorable ’80s Rudd walking this equally cute pooch down the street. As Sydney Fife and Rudd’s character in I Love You, Man, Peter Klaven, would say, “They’re total bowsers.”

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3. This guy’s wig in Amadeus

GIF credit:

It’s a style that has survived the ages. It must be all that bodacious volume.

4. Eddie Vedder’s ’90s Seattle grunge rock look

GIF credit:

Head banger’s ball, anyone?

5. A brunette version of Carrot Top

Photo credit: Judy Eddy/

Maybe Carrot Top should travel back in time and lend Rudd some product.

6. Darth Vader’s helmet, but less shiny

GIF credit:

Be it navigating space travel, plotting intergalactic war, or memorizing lines, everyone needs to protect their most valuable asset: Their dome.

7. Lloyd Christmas’ chest hair

GIF credit:

Don’t you want to just bury your face in it?

Your turn! What images does Rudd’s epic mane conjure up for you?

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