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Watch Jennifer Aniston put a ballsy BBC reporter to shame (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston has proven time and time again how lovable she can be — and she somehow managed to pull it off even when acting mean.

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The actress was going through interviews for her new film, Horrible Bosses 2, when she was asked to make the interview awkward and horrible for the reporter, BBC Radio 1’s Chris Stark. Bonus points for Aniston, because Stark’s first interview with the actress received more than 3 million views due to his awkward questioning.

One of Stark’s coworkers, fellow DJ, Scott Mills, asked Aniston to “play the role of worst interviewee ever,” according to Us Weekly. Although Stark’s questioning seemed to start out OK, the actress soon became uncomfortable with the questioning, after Stark asked her if she liked to “make the first move” when beginning to date.

“First of all, I don’t think that’s an extremely appropriate question to ask,” Aniston replied. “I’m also committed to somebody. I don’t hit on people.”

Stark attempted to explain himself, adding that someone had told him to ask the question.

“I’m sorry. It just kind of seems a little inappropriate,” Aniston continued. “Just in terms of saying, ‘How do you hit on people?'”

But Stark continued his interview and asked more questions — a few of which might have been considered awkward either way — including if she takes any inspiration from her sex-crazed character in the film. Aniston responded with as equal animosity as to the previous question.

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After Mills entered the room, Stark melted into his chair — and Aniston apologized profusely.

“This is my actual nightmare right now,” he said. “I just wanted to talk to you. I genuinely was like, ‘I want someone to swallow me up right now.'”

Watch Jennifer Aniston’s hilarious prank here:

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