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8 Times celebs sex-shamed porn stars, er pop stars

Overtly sexual music videos made by today’s most talented female pop stars are hard to avoid. This practice has become the norm and it’s not just moms of young girls who are getting tired of it. Here are eight times celebs lashed out at pop stars for acting like porn stars.

Bette Midler

Bette Midler is the most recent celeb to throw shade at young female singers who make music videos with strong sexual content. In an interview with the Telegraph, Midler said, “It’s always surprising to see someone like Ariana Grande with that silly high voice, a very wholesome voice, slithering around on a couch looking so ridiculous. I mean, it’s silly beyond belief, and I don’t know who’s telling her to do it. I wish they’d stop. But it’s not my business, I’m not her mother. Or her manager. Maybe they tell them that’s what you’ve got to do. Sex sells. Sex has always sold.”

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Sinead O’Connor

Remember in October 2013, when Sinead O’Connor penned a letter to Miley Cyrus after Cyrus credited O’Connor for inspiring Cyrus’ controversial “Wrecking Ball” video? Among other things, O’Connor wrote, “I am extremely concerned for you that those around you have led you to believe, or encouraged you in your own belief, that it is in any way ‘cool’ to be naked and licking sledgehammers in your videos. It is in fact the case that you will obscure your talent by allowing yourself to be pimped, whether it’s the music business or yourself doing the pimping.”

Katy Perry

Also in October of last year, Perry had a few choice words to say on the topic of excessive female nudity in music videos. In an interview with NPR, Perry said, “I do see myself becoming this, whatever, inspiration out of default right now, ’cause it’s such a strange world. Like, females in pop — everybody’s getting naked. I mean, I’ve been naked before, but I don’t feel like I have to always get naked to be noticed. But it’s interesting to see.”

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Rashida Jones

Actress RashidaJones has been very vocal about risqué music video trends. Last fall, Jones launched a #stopactinglikewhores campaign after tweeting that the female celeb who showed the actual inside of her vagina was the most popular.

In April of this year at the Women in the World Summit, Jones said this on the topic of overexposed pop stars: “It’s not just Miley [Cyrus], you know. I don’t blame anybody individually for their expression of themselves. I’m just worried about the collective messaging that’s happening for girls. Say what you will. ‘You’re not a role model.’ Fine, you are. You have no choice in the matter. You’re selling tickets to lots of young girls. Young girls don’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s entertainment.”

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Before Lorde was besties with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, she took issue with both. Lorde told Rolling Stone magazine, “I’m a feminist and the theme of [Selena Gomez’s] song is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way.”

Annie Lennox

About the time Sinead O’Connor was expressing concern over Miley Cyrus videos, Annie Lennox penned a Facebook post expressing concern over “highly stylized pornography with musical accompaniment.” In a September 2014 interview with PrideSource, Lennox questioned Beyoncé as a feminist and followed it up with, “What can I tell you? Sex always sells. And there’s nothing wrong with sex selling, but it depends on your audience. If they’re 7-year-old kids, I have issues with it.”


In response to the Miley Cyrus VMAs performance seen around the world, where she twerked against Robin Thicke’s then-married crotch, Pink told E! Online, “She’s really freaking talented; she’s beautiful. She can sing her ass off and to go up there and do that? She’s cheating herself and she’s cheating the rest of us. She can do what she wants. People can like it if they want. I’m not going to buy it. She can do better. I’ve seen her do better.”

Kate Winslet

As the mother of a teenage daughter, Kate Winslet seemed less than impressed when she told Psychologies magazine, “You think about someone like Miley Cyrus, and I said to my daughter the other day, ‘I’m this close to opening my mouth about what’s going on with that girl. God, who’s looking after these people and why does it seem like they’re losing their way?'”

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