Ellen DeGeneres in 50 Shades: 7 Sexy scenes that’ll make you blush

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres is in Fifty Shades of Grey? Yup, she totally is, and in the lead role, too! You won’t believe how sexy she is. Does Portia know about this?

1. When she waxes poetic about miniature gift-wrapped fruit

Ellen Degeneres

“Beyoncé has a pale booty” and 10 other things we thought when watching the video for her Fifty Shades of Grey song

2. When she implies she is not actually a lesbian

Ellen Degeneres

3. When she makes googly eyes at Christian Grey

Ellen DeGeneres

4. When she sees Christian’s buff bod for the first time

Ellen Degeneres

Why the Fifty Shades trailer doesn’t impress me, at all

5. When she has popcorn stuck to her lip

Ellen Degeneres

6. When she sings “Maneater”

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Wiig butcher “Let It Go” (VIDEO)

7. When she sees Christian’s lair for the first time.

Ellen Degeneres

Haha, made you look! But, seriously, the video is hilarious and you can watch the whole thing over on EllenTube.


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