LeAnn Rimes hits a new low after she mocks her 11-year-old stepson

Nov 25, 2014 at 4:58 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

LeAnn Rimes new interview does not paint her in a very good light, especially because she essentially mocks her 11-year-old stepson, Mason Cibrian.

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Whether that was the "Can't Fight the Moonlight" singer's intention or not, her comments came off sounding pretty harsh as she compared her stepson (her husband Eddie Cibrian and his ex-wife Brandi Glanville's child) to herself when she was his age.

"I was super-driven as a kid. Even though I was on the road a lot, the teachers would give me homework and I would get it all done. I look at my 11-year-old stepson Mason, and I'm like, 'I signed a record deal when I was your age,'" she revealed during her interview with the Daily Mail. "You're still fumbling with tying your shoelaces."

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Rimes has been working hard since childhood and no one is taking that away from her, but was it really appropriate to compare and almost demean her stepson, who she is usually always declaring her love for? Especially since she supports the anti-bullying organization Friend Movement, which means she should at least be more sensitive about her comments.

But one thing she isn't making jokes about is Mason's father, and her husband, Eddie Cibrian. And despite the scandal that these two caused when they initially got together, Rimes believes that they were always meant to be.

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"I was meant to be with Eddie. Fans felt as though I was their daughter or sister making a big mistake when we got together, because they've grown up with me. But we both acted from our hearts and that's impossible to turn around. Trust me, we both tried. Look, I've said 'I'm sorry' and made amends."