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Pan: Everything you knew about Peter Pan is wrong (VIDEO)

Eventually, every classic tale gets an origin story and Peter Pan is no different. Only, this trailer for Pan seems to reinvent the story entirely. Take a look at the seven things that surprised us the most.

1. Peter was abandoned at an orphanage

We think the filmmakers are borrowing a little from Dickens’ Oliver Twist with this one, especially when Peter (Levi Miller) throws down his bowl of porridge in disgust, practically starting a riot. It seems, however, that little Peter may get reunited with his mum, Mary (Amanda Seyfried), in the world of Neverland.

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2. Neverland is a mine

Though we’re not sure exactly what they are extracting out of Neverland’s mines, it appears that the owner is stealing boys to work in them. We love the red gondola lifts used to transport people, but the work looks backbreaking. Certainly, Peter is planning an escape.

3. Hook isn’t named after the hook on his hand

The Disney animated film, Peter Pan, had us believing that a crocodile bit off Captain Hook’s hand, requiring him to tie a hook onto it and earning him the nickname. In the trailer, Hook (Garrett Hedlund) has both hands, so we’re not sure if the movie involves a hungry, ticking crocodile at all.

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4. Tiger Lily isn’t Native American

We also thought that Tiger Lily was part of a Native American tribe, but in this version of the story, she’s played by Caucasian actress, Rooney Mara. Tiger Lily refers to her “tribe” in the trailer, but we’re guessing it’s a group of made-up natives, not related to any real people. A bit of controversy was stirred when Mara was cast, but Lupita Nyong’o was also considered for the role, reinforcing the idea that this Tiger Lily isn’t supposed to be Native American.

5. Blackbeard the pirate

From the trailer, it appears that the mine is run by Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). We never considered adding another pirate into the story, but since Hook is so young in this one, we can only assume that it’s Blackbeard who turns Hook evil.

6. The pan flute

Tiger Lily says, “The pan is our tribe’s greatest warrior,” as we see an image of a silver pan flute on a string. Bringing the symbol of the flute as a talisman for bravery is an exciting idea and will no doubt lead to merchandising opportunities.

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7. Scary evil clowns

The shots of the evil clowns are pretty short, but they appear to be dropping down from the ceiling and snatching boys from their beds. With painted white faces and 360-degree ruffled collars, these characters sure are nightmare-inducing.

Pan opens in theaters July 17, 2015.

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