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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s new holiday commercial is everything (VIDEO)

Want to experiences true joy this holiday season? Then you have to see the latest commercial from everyone’s favorite Samsung couple.

It almost feels wrong calling this video a commercial. Sure, it’s meant to sell products, but all we see is a couple doing all those things couples do around the holidays. First off, can we talk about the cute matching onesies they are wearing?

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In the video, Shepard jumps out of bed, ready to meet the day and start decorating for the holidays. He asks Bell to head to the attic to get some decorations, until she reminds him that she can barely tie her shoes thanks to her growing baby bump.

While Shepard trolls through the attic, Bell is ensconced in bed with a reindeer sweater as comfy as can be. Then she moves on to building a gingerbread house, but ends up eating more frosting than decorating with it. Who among us hasn’t done that, right?

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Shepard heads to the roof to hang lights and Bell asks, “Do you have enough lights?”

His answer cracked us up. “Yeah, I don’t know if we have enough roof.”

Side note: Shepard wearing a reindeer sweater that matches Bell’s made our hearts sigh with joy.

Then it’s time to hang the stockings, but Shepard has a question. “Why is yours twice as big as mine?”

Bell’s answer makes perfect sense. “I’m stocking for two.”

Then the two struggle with something all Southern California residents are familiar with: How to make your home look like the holidays in the blazing sun. They settle for the full blizzard effect and paint snowflakes and snowdrifts all over their windows.

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We’ve barely described half the video and there’s a lot more to see, so if you want to feel all the holiday joy, check out the commercial in its entirely. We promise you’ll be happy you did.

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