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5 Huge story lines the Jurassic World trailer seems to forget

The original Jurassic Park movie dropped 20 years ago, so we’re ready for a reboot. But does Jurassic World pretend the other movies never happened? Here are five story lines the trailer conveniently doesn’t address.

1. T-rex released in San Diego

In Jurassic Park 3, the tyrannosaur Buck was tranquilized and taken to San Diego on a ship that docked at the InGen docks. It escaped and found a house with a pool where it began to drink, and then later ate the family dog. It then went on a rampage through the city. It seems as if no one in the film has learned from the irresponsible scientists’ previous mistakes, considering Jurassic World is open to the eager public and clearly the most dangerous place in the world. As exciting as the trailer is, we wish it would have addressed why the characters in the new film think it’s OK to do this again.

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2. John Hammond’s legacy

Geneticist John Hammond (the late Richard Attenborough) had a unique vision to set up a dinosaur park with creatures brought to life from ancient DNA found preserved in amber. Before his death, Attenborough was contacted to reprise his role, but unfortunately never got to it. The character Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) seems to be taking over the lead role as researcher, saying, “We have learned more in the last decade from genetics than a century of digging up bones. A whole new frontier has opened up. We have our first genetically modified hybrid.” But we don’t know if Claire is somehow related to John Hammond. We would have liked to see some connection to the past with her character.

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3. Quest to bring the ancient past to life

The idea of bringing dinosaurs back to life is thrilling, yet terrifying, obviously making for a brilliant premise for the first three films. Now, these precocious scientists have created a hybrid that’s highly intelligent. At 2:05 in the trailer, Claire gives a breathy “Oh god,” indicating that something really bad has happened. This new plot not only seems like a disaster waiting to happen, it also goes completely against John Hammond’s original vision. Of course, there is great scientific value to reviving extinct creatures, but creating new hybrids is a totally different mission.

4. Where the heck is Sam Neill in all this?

Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) was the primary paleontologist in the first three films and really, the heart of the franchise. Again, the Jurassic World trailer gives us no sense of history or any indication of what happened to the other characters from the previous films. Perhaps we should assume they all got eaten by feathered velociraptors.

5. Dangerous carnivores that kill people

It seems like no one in the trailer has any memory of the death and carnage that was wreaked by previous attempts to contain the meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex in the other films. The beasts have huge stomachs that need to be fed and their brains are only capable of simple tasks like finding food, mating and sleeping. The idea to genetically modify an intelligent giant, man-eating beast is best summed up by Owen (Chris Pratt) in the trailer when he says, “You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea.” No kidding, people!

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Jurassic World rampages through movie theaters June 12, 2015.

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