How did Woody Harrelson not know Liam and Chris Hemsworth are brothers?

Nov 25, 2014 at 2:31 p.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/

Woody Harrelson had a major blonde moment in 2013, but it's all coming to light now in a viral video, where the veteran actor admits that he didn't know that his Hunger Games costar Liam Hemsworth had a famous brother by the name of Chris Hemsworth.

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Right before a junket interview for last year's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Liam Hemsworth greets an interviewer named Chris and casually mentions that he also has a brother named Chris. Cue an 11-second baffled look on Harrelson's face, before he puts two and two together and turns to his costar. "I never guessed that was your brother," he says, before Hemsworth breaks into laughter. Interviewer Chris hears of Harrelson's revelation and it's all jokes from there.

"I honestly never put that together," the actor says. "They have the same last name, of course. I should have thought of it." Take into consideration that this took place three years after Harrelson and Hemsworth started working together on the film franchise. Oh, Woody!

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Just last year, Harrelson also revealed more of his personality during an interview with SheKnows. When we sat down with the actor during his promotional rounds for Out of the Furnace and asked him what he thought about awards season, he revealed some rather blunt words on all the hype surrounding the era. "Thinking about that shit is ridiculous," he said without a care in the world. "No point in ever thinking about it."

If you want a good laugh, press play and watch Harrelson's adorable revelation unfold in the video below.