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9 Netflix playlists to get you through Thanksgiving

The turkey is broasting and your relatives are roasting… you, for every single fail they think you’ve made since last year. Sneak off to the spare television, fire up Netflix and escape for a while.

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Whether you only have time to duck out on company for an hour or you’ve managed to elude them all day, we have a playlist that is right for you. We even have Netflix playlists for the kiddos currently shrieking and running wild around the house. In other words, we’re you’re savior.

For the kids

If the kids are driving you mad, we’ve got you covered. Keep ’em entertained for that hour and a half before dinner with a little time spent watching Free Birds. Afterwards, when you’re trying to have an adult conversation but they’re too obsessed with dessert, let Netflix do the babysitting again. For a couple hours, you can set them up with both Pocahontas movies and for a longer whine-free span, check out our five-hour list of kid-friendly Thanksgiving-themed episodes currently available on the streaming service.

Having a Friendsgiving?

Are you far from home and having Thanksgiving by yourself or with friends? There are playlists for that, too. Curl up for a good session of missin’ your mama with a Gilmore Girls fest. Or pile up with friends and watch all the New Girl Thanksgivings while trying to decide who’s the Winston in your group.

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Whether you want to spend the whole day in front of the tube and only eat a Thanksgiving-themed TV dinner or you’re making a meal for your ragtag group of friends/family, there’s always something on Netflix to keep you in good spirits. We just did the dirty work of searching it all out for you.

Netflix Thanksgiving Playlist

Now you just have to get up and find the remote. We promise it’s worth the wiggling around.

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