Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Picardo thinks his life is in danger

Nov 25, 2014 at 9:33 a.m. ET
Image: Nikki Nelson/

Star Trek: Voyager actor Robert Picardo is reportedly desperately afraid for his life because his estranged wife, Linda Pawlik, is under investigation in a murder case — and he believes he may be next.

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According to TMZ, the former couple are battling it out in a bitter divorce and the actor has now asked a judge to evict Pawlik from his property because "he's deathly afraid of her."

Pawlik has reportedly been living in the The Doctor actor's guesthouse, but after he found out that a handgun in her name was used to kill her friend Edward Mello, he wants her gone! Court documents allegedly reveal that Picardo said Pawlik was questioned by police after Mello was found dead on Oct. 29 in a hotel room.

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TMZ also reports that Pawlik "was ordered to turn over all 10 of her handguns when he got the restraining order." However, the actor still believes there are at least four guns that weren't turned into the police, and that "one was used to murder Mello."

There are also some other troubling accusations made against his ex-wife because Picardo claims she keeps bad company and hangs out with drug users and violent criminals.

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And it appears a judge has found reason to be concerned, too.

According to TMZ, Picardo has gotten his wish, and his ex-wife has been ordered to move out of the guesthouse and off his property by Dec. 7. But it comes with a cost: Picardo reportedly will have to pay $10,000 toward her moving expenses.