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Robin Thicke’s new GF is posting pics from Paula Patton’s old room (PHOTOS)

Just when you think Robin Thicke can’t be any creepier, he proves that he can.

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Pretty much everyone who took in the 2013 VMAs got the heebie-jeebies watching the 38-year-old man allow a then-21-year-old Miley Cyrus use his leg as a stripper pole. Things only got worse as his marriage to his high school sweetheart, Paula Patton, began to unravel.

Though Thicke tried to play off the flak he got for his sexually charged performance with a much younger woman as nothing more than a publicity stunt, it’s starting to look like there may have been some truth in his dance with the infamous foam finger. Turns out, he does fancy his women youthful.

Now, Thicke is publicly dating a young model named April Love Geary, who is only 19 years old, according to TMZ. The new couple isn’t trying to hide their love, either. Thicke and Geary have been seen out and about together with his young son in tow, and Geary, who is a model signed with IMG Worldwide, according to her Instagram account, has posted a series of selfies of herself enjoying the spoils of dating a celebrity.

The kicker? Thanks to TMZ’s investigative work comparing Geary’s photos with snaps of Patton and Thicke’s house from the real estate company listing the home after Patton filed for divorce, it’s evident that the pics (which have now been removed) were all taken in Thicke’s bedroom, in his bed and in other parts of the house that he used to share with Patton. See the photos here.

So, to review: Thicke allegedly cheated on Patton and then made her sit through the disturbing gyrations of her then-husband during the 2013 VMAs, endure the bizarre video for “Blurred Lines” in which fully nude models strut around Thicke, suffer through his other odd behavior, listen to him beg to get her back and, then, he ultimately makes her watch as he romances a teenage girl from her former bedroom. Yeesh.

It must also be pretty awkward for Geary right now, considering Thicke’s social media accounts are rife with reference to Patton. Thicke’s new album is titled Paula and he’s still heavily promoting his single, “Get Her Back.” “Let’s change the world one song at a time,” his Twitter tagline reads. “I love u @paulapattonXO & Julian Fuego.”

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