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25 Star Wars gifts for your favorite Jedi warriors this Christmas

While we wait on pins and needles for Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, we still have to get through the holidays. Check out our Star Wars Gift Guide or, if we say it in Yoda-speak, our Star Wars Gift Guide, check out.

Gift Guide: 25 Star Wars Gifts

Death Star Bluetooth speaker

Death Star blue tooth speaker

His music will sound so much better as it comes out of this gorgeous Death Star Bluetooth speaker that lights up when in use. (ThinkGeek, $70)

R2-D2 USB car charger

R2-D2 Car Charger

This helpful little R2-D2 USB charger plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and has two USB ports to charge your favorite gadgets. (ThinkGeek, $40)

Star Wars automotive floor mats

Star Wars floor mats

These rubber Star Wars floor mats add that special touch to any landspeeder. Choose Stormtrooper or Darth Vader. (ThinkGeek, $15-$40)

Boba Fett engraved pint glass

Boba Fett pint glass

This Star Wars Boba Fett pint glass is the only ale decanter your favorite Star Warshipper will ever need. (Etsy, $11)

Tiny taxidermy Darth

Taxidermy Darth

Does he love taxidermy? Does he love Darth Vader? This tiny taxidermy Darth is the perfect trophy to hang on your lovable nerdi warrior’s wall. (Etsy, $10)

Stormtrooper necktie

Darth Tie

Does he enjoy letting his geek flag fly at work? This is the perfect Stormtrooper necktie to go from the office directly to Comic-Con. (Etsy, $45)

Ultimate bar set from the Mos Eisley bar on Tatooine

Star Wars Bar Set

What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to recreate the famous bar scene from the planet Tatooine? The best part? This Star Wars pewter bar set will help you pop open a bottle of Skywalker wine. (eBay, $750)

Skywalker wine

Skywalker Wine

Dreamed up by George Lucas himself, Skywalker Vineyards harnesses the Force to create these delicious wines. (Skywalker Vineyards, $70 for two bottles in gift box)

Chewie hoodie

Chewie Hoodie

This awesome plush Chewbacca hoodie is available in size small to XXL. (ThinkGeek, $60)

Some gifts for you own Imperial Princess

R2-D2 engagement ring

R2-D2 ring

Thinking of popping the question this holiday? This high-end R2-D2 ring is a stunner! (CustomMade, sterling silver, $1250. Gold, $2950)

Empire leggings

Star Wars leggings

No gal in any galaxy can have enough leggings! These Star Wars Empire leggings in black and white will be her favorite new wardrobe addition. (ThinkGeek, $30)

Obi-Wan earrings

Obi Wan earrings

Subtle and understated, these Obi-Wan letter-pressed earrings are super-stylish without shouting “Star Wars geek.” (Etsy, $12)

Victorian-style Star Wars necklace

Star Wars Necklace

This Star Wars pendant necklace is the perfect accent to a steampunk or cosplay gown. (Etsy, $12)

R2-D2 coffee mug

R2-D2 Mug

This RD-D2 Star Wars-inspired handcrafted mug is good for lattes as well as soup. Imagine how excited she’ll be when she finds a little R2 at the bottom of her cup. (Etsy, $35)

The Star Wars Cookbook

Star Wars Cook Book

Is she hungry for some “Wookiee cookies” or Boba Fett-Uccini? This Star Wars Cookbook is a must for any Jedi kitchen master. (Amazon, $14)

R2-D2 measuring cups

R2-D2 Measuring cups

What better to help her make those Wookiee Cookies than this R2-D2-themed set of measuring utensils? Added bonus: the arms detach and become measuring spoons! (ThinkGeek, $20)

Boba Fett kitchen apron

Boba Fett apron

Speaking of the kitchen, this Boba Fett kitchen apron is machine-washable and very practical. (Amazon, $12)

Here are some gifts for your little Ewoks

Star Wars coins

Star Wars coins

Minted in New Zealand, these character-themed Star Wars silver-plated coins make a great investment as well as a gift. (NoMoreRack, $45)

Ewok hat

Ewok Hoodie

According to this Etsy seller, this handmade upcycled Ewok hat is made out of “faux suede, hemp, the force and love.” Awww. (Etsy, $15)

Chewbacca lunch bag

Chewbacca Lunchbag

Any kid would love to bring their PB&J in this adorable Chewbacca lunch bag. (ThinkGeek, $15)

Crochet Chewbacca

Crochet Wookiee

This handmade crochet Chewy is the perfect talisman for your favorite Wookiee wacko. (Etsy, $27)

Princess Leia braid hat

Leia Braid Hat

Does your little girl beg you to pin up her braids Princess Leia-style? Not only will this Princess Leia hat save you a lot of time in the morning, it’ll keep your daughter warm on winter days. (Etsy, $45)

Storm Pooper onesie

Storm Pooper

New baby in the family? This Storm Pooper onesie will have the whole family laughing between diaper changes. (Etsy, $13)

String of R2-D2 lights

R2-D2 Lights

Nothing says festive like a Christmas tree draped in R2-D2 lights. Our favorite non-speaking robot makes the perfect holiday ambassador to put a smile on the kids’ faces. (Amazon, $20 for one string of 10 R2s)

Star Wars 45-rpm record clock

Star Wars clock

This is a true throwback to the 1970s — an analog clock made from a Star Wars vinyl record. We dare you to gift this to your favorite millennial to see if they have any idea what it is. (Etsy, $24)

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