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Hot in Cleveland: 7 Things I’ll miss about this awesome show

It looks like Joy, Melanie, Victoria and Elka will soon be living happily ever after on Hot in Cleveland and I’m feeling thankful for the six seasons we had with them. Here’s why.

1. The Midwest is awesome

I lived in LA in my 20s, but made a beeline back to Ohio as the decade — and my tolerance for all things superficial — started to wind down. People in Cleveland eat real food, age gracefully and have never even considered an air kiss.

That time Mary Tyler Moore and friends visited the set

2. Right about the time LeBron James dumped Cleveland, Betty White, aka Elka, started to cheer us up a little

(I wonder if that’s the first time those two have been in a sentence together.) Sure, you won’t find many NBA championship rings in northeastern Ohio (yet!), but a tight-knit circle of friends can be found everywhere you look. Joy (Jane Leeves), Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) and Victoria (Wendie Malick) have one another’s backs, fronts and everywhere in between.

3. My teenage daughter actually sits in the same room with me for 30 minutes in a row

Hot in Cleveland is “our show.” Granted, she has her iPhone 6 in her hand most of the time, but hey, she actually seeks me out in the name of watching it together.

Hot from TV Land: Hot in Cleveland gets the laughs

4. It’s a little-known fact that married women secretly look forward to ending up in their own version of a Golden Girls life

(Hey, statistics don’t lie; wives outlive husbands.) One roof, a handful of besties and no matter what life dishes out, together you can laugh your way through it. The Cleveland bunch came along and gave hope to the middle-aged divorced set.

5. You don’t have to be a savvy New York City girl like Carrie Bradshaw to partake of cocktails by day and casual sexual encounters by night

Females of all shapes, sizes and ages (Hello Elka… getting it on with many a Tom, Dick and Harry throughout the show’s six-year run!) give in to their urges while discussing incarceration, adult diapers and lip wax.

6. Who knew all roads for beloved actors from my past lead through Cleveland?

The high jinks of the estrogen-laced household along the Lake Erie shore gave us glimpses of Tim Conway, Bonnie Franklin, Mary Tyler Moore, Carl Reiner, Hal Linden, Georgia Engel, George Hamilton and more.

7. Betty White. Enough said

There’s a beautiful juxtaposition that happens when the rosy, dimpled cheeks of Betty White frame the mouth that delivers zingers like, “If the guy’s a cutie, you gotta tap that booty.” Through her character Elka, Betty owns her age, her potty mouth and even that rainbow, pastel-colored wardrobe of hers. After all, “These track suits don’t Bedazzle themselves.”

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