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Justin Bieber makes more than Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence combined

Justin Bieber has topped Forbes‘ list of the highest earning celebrities under 30 and you’ll never guess how much the singer is raking in.

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Bieber raked in a whopping $80 million this year. That’s more than Jennifer Lawrence, who cashed in at $34 million, and Miley Cyrus, who made a cool $36 million, combined.

He earned most of that money from the end of his worldwide tour, which wrapped up at the beginning of this year.

Not only is he the highest earning person on the list, he’s also the youngest at 20 years old. (We’re counting One Direction as a collective. Their average age is 21.)

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Bieber’s success is a prime example that money is far from everything and definitely won’t make you happy. Despite Bieber’s money-making success, the singer has had a rough year. He was caught on video using the N-word, charged with vandalism for egging his neighbor’s house, busted for a DUI following a Miami drag race and more.

Another celeb who made the list and sets the opposite example to that of Bieber? Taylor Swift, of course, raking in $64 million for 2014. Thanks to record sales and sponsorships from Diet Coke and CoverGirl, the pop princess is now taking on the world. No doubt, she’ll rank even higher next year when she tours for her album, 1989. As No. 3 on the list behind Bieber and One Direction, Swift is the leading lady on the Forbes list.

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The others on the list? Bruno Mars at $60 million, Rihanna at $48 million, Lady Gaga at $28 million, Avicii at $28 million and Skrillex at $18 million. Moral of the story: The music industry is where it’s at if you want to make the big bucks. Lawrence is the only one who made the list without a record label. But she needed the help of a few of the biggest franchises in the world to get her there.

Are you surprised Justin Bieber topped the list?

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