Carmen Electra’s stylist stole $100,000 from her

You may be asking a stylist how to steal Carmen Electra’s new look, but if you’re the Baywatch actress’s stylist, then it’s not her look that you’re worried about: all you’re really concerned with is how to steal her cash.

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New reports claim that Electra’s stylist seriously took advantage of her client and decided to go on shopping sprees with Electra’s money, for herself. According to TMZ, the Scary Movie 4 star claims that she hired Shayoon Aboo as her personal stylist in April 2013 and supplied her with her credit cards so that she could go shopping for bags, accessories, clothing and shoes for her, but Aboo reportedly had other plans.

TMZ reports that according to a new lawsuit filed by Electra, Aboo allegedly decided to keep some of the items for herself — and it wasn’t just one or two small items, either — apparently she managed to rack up a whopping bill of more than $100,000 worth of new clothes and accessories.

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So, how did Aboo get busted? She apparently decided to take to social media and flaunt her goodies, which incriminated her, but reports claim that Electra discovered that she had been swindled when she was going through her credit card statements. She then demanded that Aboo either return or pay for the items of clothing.

Electra’s attorney, Neama Rahmani, revealed to TMZ that Aboo “tried to take advantage of a friendship” and now Electra wants her to pay it all back.

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The gossip outlet also claims that they have reached out to Aboo for comment but have not heard back.