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2014 AMAs: 4 Times Iggy Azalea stuck it to Eminem without even trying

Just last week, a rapey and threatening Eminem song targeted rapper Iggy Azalea. Sunday night at the 2014 AMAs, Azalea took the high road and put Eminem in his place without even trying, which is the classiest way of all. Here is how Azalea told Eminem to get bent, without saying a word.

TI’s intro

Rapper and record producer TI’s introduction of Azalea‘s “Fancy” AMA performance took a subtle jab at Azalea’s haters for her. In his intro he said, “All right, guys, like it or not, women can rap. And like it or not, regardless of size, color or nationality, women can bring hip-hop.” He went on to describe Azalea as the night’s most nominated artist. Deal with that, Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

Iggy Azalea’s feminist response to Eminem’s rape threat is perfect

Taking home statues

Like Momma said, living well is the best revenge, and Azalea redefined that saying in new and exciting ways when she kicked Eminem’s ass not once, but twice. Both rappers were nominated for Favorite Artist and Favorite Album in the Rap/Hip-hop category. Our girl Azalea, dressed demurely in a ponytail and pantsuit, stepped to the podium to accept the awards. Will the real Slim Shady please step down, please step down?

Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg’s feud has just become super-nasty

Keeping it classy in her acceptance speech

Azalea demonstrated grace and decorum well beyond her 24 years — and light years beyond her famous detractors — in her acceptance speech for Favorite Album in the Rap/Hip-hop category. She made zero reference to the recent rift with Eminem and instead said, “It means so much that I can stand here against Eminem and Drake and come out with this. It’s amazing.”

Watch the 2014 AMAs performances and acceptance speeches here

Being asked to perform and nailing it

Azalea performed twice at Sunday night’s blowout concert, aka the 2014 AMAs. The second time the “Fancy” singer hopped on stage, it was to perform “Big Booty” with Jennifer Lopez. Hmmm. It would appear that no such invitation to perform at this star-studded event was extended to Eminem.

In this celebrity feud, there is one artist who is on top of her game and there is another artist who is acting like he is desperately afraid that his glory days are behind him. We’ll let you figure out who is who.

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