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Beyoncé’s ‘711’ video is just 711 shots of her twerking in undies (VIDEO)

Beyoncé has just dropped a music video for her new song “711,” and you do not want to miss it because it’s a no-pants party at its very best.

The new track will be featured on her Beyoncé: Platinum Edition box set, which is due out on Monday, Nov. 24, and the entire video shows Queen Bey prancing around in her underwear, shaking what her momma gave her and enjoying an epic hotel party.

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Some of the highlights include Bey breaking it down on her hotel balcony wearing only a “Kale” sweatshirt and leopard underwear. Fans then get treated to an eyeful of the songstress’s booty as she twerks in skintight white jeans, and you get a tour of her rather messy hotel room.

Bey then gets playful with her backup dancers while donning a pair of gray undies. She also has a pair of dice in her mouth, makes a human pyramid and then dances in front of a Christmas tree wearing a red sweatshirt and — you guessed it — underwear.

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The video really shows a different side of the singer, because instead of her usual strict choreographed dance routine, it is filmed in a way that makes it look like a home movie — and she really seems to be having a lot of fun with it.

Oh, and the song is super-catchy, too (although you will be completely distracted by the music video), with some of the lyrics reading, “Man it feel like rollin’ dice, man it feel like rollin’ dice / Seven 11, seven 11, seven twice, man seven twice.”

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We have a feeling underwear sales are going to dramatically increase, thanks to Bey.

Watch the “711” video below.

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