Katy Perry has some very harsh words for ‘perverted’ Australian paparazzi

Katy Perry’s time in Australia has not been going according to plan, and she can’t even take a nice stroll along the nudist beach without being harassed.

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The “Dark Horse” hit maker has slammed the Australian paps for allegedly following her along a nudist beach in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday during her visit to the country as part of her Prismatic World Tour.

Perry made her disgust known when she took to Twitter on Saturday to tell members of the Australian press, whom she also referred to as “stalkers,” that they should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of integrity, character, respect and a few other choice words.

And the songstress wasn’t done there. She wrote another tweet in which she shared photos of the men who were following her and trying to snap her picture.

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Perry still was not over the incident on Sunday and took to Twitter again to remind any publications that chose to post the images of her in her bikini that they would be going against her will.

She also called out notorious Australian paparazzo Jamie Fawcett, and by the sounds of her message, he tried to take pictures of her naked — but if those pictures ever surface, Perry will have her revenge.

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Let’s hope all media outlets decline to publish these photos and give the pop star the privacy she so desperately seeks.


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