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ANTM‘s Shei Phan tells why she thinks she was kicked out

Another gorgeous girl said goodbye to her dreams of being America’s Next Top Model. After giving it all she had, Shei Phan left the house and moved on to the next step in her life. Phan’s convinced it wasn’t her time to go, though. Did a bad picture choice seal the deal too early?

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SheKnows: What surprised you most while watching this week’s episode?

Shei Phan: The thing I was most surprised about watching last night’s episode was the photo they chose for me. In the panel, you saw that I was very upset with it. I knew I took way better photos and the one they chose was not my best photo. And it was the reason I went home.

SK: How were things in the house before you left?

SP: Things in the house were great. I love them all and after Chantelle got sent home, it was back to normal and we had fun for the remaining time of being there.

SK: What’s one thing viewers didn’t see that happened behind the scenes that you’ll never forget/that you wished they would have aired on the show?

SP: Well, there was a lot of funny moments we had that I wished was aired. And there was a lot of things where I gave my opinion and that wasn’t aired either. I was underrated.

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SK: Are you surprised you got eliminated? What would you have done differently?

SP: I had a feeling it was coming, but I was excepting to make it longer than Adam. I would have been more entertaining, because that’s why Adam stayed longer than me. I tried my best and worked very hard in every challenge and photo shoot. I didn’t try to be anything but myself.

SK: Who on the show will you continue to keep in touch with and why?

SP: I will continue to stay in touch with everyone but Chantelle and Romeo. We did not get along in the house, so I know we will not get along outside of it. The rest of the cast has become my family and we build strong relationships.

SK: Who do you predict will win? Who do you want to win?

SP: I predict Keith will win. I want Will to win!

Was a bad picture really to blame for Phan’s ANTM demise or was it simply her time to go? That’s debatable. But, we’re definitely on the same page with Will and Keith!

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