Find out if Jennifer Aniston’s groping skills measure up

Charlie Day only has one complaint about working with Jennifer Aniston on their upcoming film, Horrible Bosses 2, and it has nothing to do with Aniston’s acting skills.

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Aniston, who plays a sex-addicted dentist in the sequel to the 2011 comedy, gets a little, er, touchy-feely with Day. He told E! News at the movie’s Los Angeles premiere what was the hardest part about being groped by a huge star like Aniston.

The fact that it’s fiction!” Day dished. “That for me it’s a fiction… She’s getting paid to do it!”

It sounds like he’s pretty over it though, because he added, smiling, “It’s not the worst thing in the world.”

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Day also spoke about his Oscar-winning co-stars in the film, which opens Wednesday. Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis are returning from the first film; Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine are newcomers.

“I remember the first movie, I think I was the first one to agree to do it, and I didn’t know who was going to be cast, and then I couldn’t believe this incredible Oscar-studded cast,” Day gushed. “We have two more Oscars with Christoph Waltz now! I’m always thrilled just to be working with these people. They are all great people, both on- and off-camera, so I think that’s another reason why it was easy for us all to come back and work together.”

And Day, who recently joked on Conan that he has a “shrine” to fellow star Zac Efron in his house, touched on his friendship with the Neighbors star.

“We are neighbors, we are buddies. I was just texting him, actually,” Day said. “We don’t hang out too much because we’re both pretty busy, busy guys, but yeah, he’s been over to the house. He’s a great guy and I don’t actually have a shrine, but I do get some of his fan mail, so maybe I should make that shrine.”

Day may not have a shrine to Zac Efron (yet), but maybe he’ll be building one to Jennifer Aniston soon.


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