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Michelle Duggar’s reason 19 Kids and Counting should stay on TV

Some people in this country are fighting for equal rights for all, while Michelle Duggar is fighting for her right to stay on TV.

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Duggar and her family have a fairly sizable following who agree with the clan’s devout Christian beliefs, but the family’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, recently came under fire when Duggar allegedly campaigned to have anti-gay laws passed in Arkansas. A petition to yank the popular show from TLC was started, but now Duggar and her army of fans are fighting back with a petition of their own.

“The Duggar Family is under attack from anti-marriage advocates for standing for traditional marriage,” the petition, on, reads. “We commend the Duggar Family for their brave stand in defending marriage as ordained by God between one man and one woman. No individual’s sexual behavior and chosen lifestyle has the right to redefine marriage. Sign our petition today to let TLC know that you support the Duggars’ stand for traditional marriage.”

The Duggars’ petition is in counter to a petition on asking that the show be canceled because of the Duggars’ anti-equality sentiments. “End LGBTQ fear mongering by the Duggars,” the petition reads. “The Duggars have been using their fame to promote discrimination, hate, and fear-mongering against gays and transgendered people. You need to take a stand on the side of justice and cancel their show.”

The writer of the petition, Jim Wissick of San Jose, California, also alleges that the Duggars have given large sums of money to help repeal a law that would make it legal for business owners and landlords to discriminate against employees and tenants based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The petition defending the Duggars currently has 19,711 signatures, whereas the original petition has 138,963 signatures. We’ll see how this works out for them.

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