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Teen Mom 2 fans, one of your favorite stars has quit the show

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer’s life is not going her way right now.

After five seasons on the MTV’s Teen Mom 2, Messer has decided that she has had enough and she will be leaving the show.

Sad days for teen mom Leah Messer: Miscarriage

On Friday morning, Messer revealed that she would not be filming any future seasons of the show when she responded to a fan’s tweet, which read, “Are you doing season 6?” Messer simply responded, “No.”

Another fan then wrote, “that’s so sad I loved watching you every week!” And Messer replied that she was sorry.

The reality star also retweeted another message from a fan who showed her support for Messer’s decision to leave the show and focus on her family.

But could too much pressure be the reason that Messer decided to exit the show?

It certainly seems that that could be reason, because earlier this week the reality TV star made headlines for her cryptic tweets, which hinted that there were some big changes to come in her life, and she asked her fans to please pray for her and show their support.

Messer, whose married name is now Calvert, then tweeted another message about failure in which she explained that “failure doesn’t mean that you’ll never get what you want, sometimes failure means that you have to fight harder for something better.”

There was much speculation as to whether those messages were about her husband Jeremy Calvert and whether the pair had decided to call it quits. Especially because just last month, Calvert publicly accused Leah of cheating on him with an ex.

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer files for divorce after six months

Hopefully her time away from the camera and the public eye will help Messer get all of her affairs in order. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

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