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Did RHONJ‘s Joe Giudice really just cheat on Teresa?

The problems just keep piling up for Teresa and Joe Giudice.

On top of the fact that they have both been sentenced to serve time in jail for fraud charges, new reports now claim that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe has been being shady behind his wife’s back.

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The Guidices are no doubt feeling the pressures from their legal troubles, and given the fact that they are both headed off to prison, their marriage is most probably already in a fragile state. The last thing they need is for cheating allegations to rock the boat, but that’s what happened during part two of the RHONJ Secrets Revealed special.

Teresa Aprea has revealed that she heard rumors that Teresa’s husband of 14 years had been unfaithful. During her confessional, Aprea said, “Joe, my friends said, ‘Oh, in the past he’s been a cheater and he hasn’t been the best husband.'”

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This is not the first time that the couple has been rocked by cheating rumors. According to RadarOnline in 2012, it was reported that Joe was having drinks with another woman at TGI Fridays. Then in 2013, the site reported that he was busted having a secret rendezvous with a mystery woman, and on top of all of this Joe was also accused of cheating on his wife with their nanny, Nicole Cemelli. So, the new allegations will no doubt put salt in the wound.

And according to RadarOnline, Teresa is completely fuming that these allegations aired online.

An insider told the publication, “Teresa didn’t want any of the cheating allegations to air during the season. Bravo agreed, because they were afraid she wouldn’t participate in any of the promotional junkets for RHONJ if they didn’t.”

However, when the Secrets Revealed segment came around, the source said, “All bets were off! Teresa Aprea made her allegations, and Teresa was absolutely fuming that the rumors surfaced. It’s all about public perception for Teresa, and she wants the world to think she is happily married.”

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The insider also made some other shocking allegations about the couple’s marriage, saying, “The fact is that Teresa and Joe are miserable in the marriage. Joe has hardly been spending any time at home.”

Let’s hope that that’s not the case, because these two need all the support that they can get for the long months ahead of them.

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