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One Direction takes the #cutestselfieever, complete with kittens (VIDEO)

You haven’t seen a cute selfie until you’ve laid your eyes on the #cutestselfieever with One Direction, Jimmy Kimmel and countless loads of super-cute embellishments.

Prepare to be cutefied to the max with this adorable photo that will definitely convince you One Direction is now the cutest boy band ever. During their appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, the funny host persuaded the popular music group to gather around for a selfie.

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But, it couldn’t just be a regular quick photo with a cell phone. No. Kimmel began by providing an overly cute backdrop decorated with colorful candy to up the cuteness of the all-boy group. However, that wasn’t cute enough, so Kimmel’s right-hand man Guillermo was asked to bring out some stuffed animals for all to hold, and then he had a bunch of cute, colorful hats and tiaras brought in.

Next, Guillermo brought out Kimmel’s cute nephew, Wesley, decked out to look like a mini-me of Harry Styles complete with a matching pink boa. This selfie was already set up to be oozing with cuteness, but Kimmel could not stop there.

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“Should we get some kittens out here, Wesley?” Kimmel asked. “Could we get some kittens in a teacup, Guillermo?”

So out came two cute kittens, and yes they were inside a giant teacup. But, more cuteness was needed, so an unbelievably cute cuddly dog came out dressed in a little cute sweater. The selfie was not ready, however, until two little ballerinas, a unicorn and a cute baby dressed as a cherry also joined in for the festival of über-cuteness that this selfie turned out to be.

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Check the video below to see the #cutestselfieever in the making and to reevaluate your opinion of One Direction, whatever it may have been before. They are now officially cute.

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