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1 Big reason we don’t believe Beyoncé’s ‘Ring Off’ is about her marriage

Does Beyoncé’s new song about marital trouble mean she and Jay Z are actually heading for splitsville this time? Nope. And we’ll explain why we’re sticking with that answer.

The song is called “Ring Off,” as in she’s singing about a woman taking that diamond ring off.

Their tour is over, but their marriage is strong

“In the mirror you would stare/And say a prayer like, ‘I wish he said I’m beautiful’/I wish it didn’t hurt at all/I don’t know how I got here, I was once the one who had his heart,” Beyoncé sings. “Until you had enough, then you took that ring off/You took that ring off/So tired of the lies and trying and fighting and crying/You took that finger.”

Though the clip is only 15 seconds, the words are powerful enough to get the message out loud and clear. This is not the story of a happy ending. At all. It’s about a couple giving up on their marriage.

So, this has everyone speculating that the song is personal for Beyoncé. Well, we have one huge reason for you that it’s not actually about Beyonce and Jay Z.

Is another tiny Carter on the way?


It has to be about the publicity, people.

Beyoncé’s a smart lady. She didn’t get to be Queen Bey without some crazy-big brains and business savvy. So, don’t you think, being the intelligent and music-wise woman that she is, that she knows when people hear this teaser of her new single, which talks about a woman in marital turmoil, it’s sure to spark enough outcry that people are, without a doubt, going to race to the store to purchase and analyze the entire song.

Just look at how well the couple’s On the Run tour did for more proof that publicity around their marital status is making these two big bucks. Divorce rumors haunted (or blessed) them throughout the entire worldwide joint tour. They did, after all, make about $84 million off the tour. And, keep in mind, the majority of the publicity was fueled by rumors about their marriage.

What did Jay do for his wifey’s birthday?

It’s a clever tactic since the king and queen of the music world have always been so private about their relationship. People seem to be itching for an inside look at their romance and, by teasing trouble, the couple keeps the fascination alive. All Beyoncé has to do is belt out a few words about heartbreak and she’s got another sure-to-be hit on her hands.

Listen to the full clip below.

Do you think all the Beyoncé and Jay Z marital rumors are real or are they just fueling the powerhouse couple’s sales?

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