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2 New Selena Gomez songs leaked, and one is disturbing

Want to have the image of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez doin’ it permanently burned into your mind? We know how you can!

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It’s quite simple, really: All you have to do is listen to Selena Gomez’s newly leaked song, “Do It,” just one time and we promise, you won’t be able to stop picturing it.

The ditty is very bubble gum pop and all of the lyrics revolve around Gomez daydreaming about getting down with Bieber. “Sittin’ on my bed with just your T-shirt on/Turnin’ up the volume to my favorite song/Boy I can’t lie, what we did last night/You know it’s constantly replayin’, stayin’ on my mind,” she sings in the first verse.

The rest of the song is about yearning for Bieber, wanting to do it every day and showing each other what they like. “Damn, I wish I didn’t feel so hypnotized/When I look at you, baby, it’s justified/So I take what I want and give what I got/To hell with all the rules that keep us civilized,” she croons. Sounds like these two are getting dirty!

Video credit: Selena Gomez/YouTube

Not sure what’s more disturbing — the fact that Gomez’s voice sounds so darn youthful or the fact that she’s full-on obsessed with having sex with the Biebs.

Another song, titled “(For You) My Dilemma 2.0, ” was also leaked and — surprise, surprise — it, too, seems to be written about her on-again, off-again relationship with Bieber. This one is quite sad, though, as the lyrics tell the story of Gomez being with someone even though she knows it’s not right. “You make me so upset sometimes/I feel like I could lose my mind/The conversation goes nowhere/’Cause you’re never gonna take me there,” she sings.

Video credit: Video Selena/YouTube

We keep hoping that Gomez has seen the light and moved on, but judging by these two new revelations, it looks like the bond between the two pop stars is pretty deep.

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