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The Vampire Diaries: 12 Reasons Stefan and Caroline should date

Forget Damon and Elena; Season 5 is all about Caroline and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries and it’s definitely time for these two to make things official.

1. Stefan needs to get over Elena once and for all

Sure, we love those broody, tortured looks he shoots just to the side of the camera, but enough is enough already. Damon’s alive! So put a smile on, Stefan.

Elena crying
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2. Because Caroline tells it like it is

A life partner is there to push you to be a better person and Caroline doesn’t roll over and let anyone walk all over her. Especially not Stefan.

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3. They have such amazing chemistry

Paul Wesley and Candice Accola are killing it this season in the googly eyes department for sure!

Caroline and Stefan
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4. They make a great team

Remember at the end of Season 4 when they teamed up against The Travelers? That was the moment we all started to realize that there was something bigger between them. And not because they stared into each other’s souls, but because they worked so well together.

Caroline and Stefan
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5. You just don’t move on from history like that

Stefan was there for Caroline when she became a vampire. He was probably more there for her than he was for even Elena. They built a strong foundation of trust because of it and that’s the start of a solid relationship.

Caroline and Stefan
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6. Caroline’s had enough heartbreak

Stefan’s been a jerk to Caroline for long enough. Now that he knows how she feels, he really, really needs to stop letting her walk away. Just kiss her already!

7. Caroline is no Lexi

Some people have said that Stefan and Caroline shouldn’t get together because Caroline should be Stefan’s new Lexi. I say, “No way!” The chemistry between Caroline and Stefan should definitely not be limited to the bond of friendship.

Caroline and Stefan
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8. Caroline likes ’em bad

Between Tyler and Klaus (JosephMorgan), Caroline has a thing for those troubled guys. And while Stefan is definitely troubled, he’s also constantly trying to be better and do the right thing, which makes him a good match for type-A Caroline.

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9. Klaus ain’t comin’ back any time soon

I love, love, love Klaus and Caroline together. Please don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, two people can be great together, but the timing just isn’t there. We can only harp on about the past for so long before it’s time to let go.

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10. Stefan needs to man up

We can only cut him so much slack for being oblivious for so long. And as someone who is over 150 years old, he should be able to read the hints by now. Boys will be boys. But since Enzo’s spilled the beans, Stefan has to realize the feelings between he and Caroline are definitely mutual.

The Vampire Diaries' Stefan
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11. Forever is a long time

Eternity shouldn’t be spent alone just because Stefan and Caroline are both stubborn. Sure, right now she isn’t too happy with him. (We don’t blame her.) But Stefan has plenty of time to win her back.

12. Because, I mean, look at them together

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Enough said, right?

The Vampire Diaries Thanksgiving episode airs tonight on The CW.

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