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Pitch Perfect 2: 8 Aca-awesome scenes from the first trailer (VIDEO)

It’s time to get aca-cited, because the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is finally here, and it looks completely amazing!

The Bellas are back, and this time they’re headed to a World Championships of A Capella, where they’ll compete for “world domination.” If this first trailer is any indication, the movie promises to be just as funny as the original, and here’s the proof:

1. Cups

Pitch Perfect 2

Photo credits: The Ellen Show/YouTube

The slowed-down version of Kendrick’s hit song makes a quick appearance at the beginning of the trailer, set against touching scenes that promise happy cries, but that’s all a ruse. A ruse, I say!

Anna Kendrick doesn’t want your diamonds, creeper

2. (Fart noise)

Pitch Perfect 2

I’m sorry, but I’m a huge fan of a good fart joke. Oh wait, I’m not kidding at all. This is the part of the trailer where the fun begins.

3. This riff-off, complete with a man sandwich

Pitch Perfect 2

Looks like there’s going to be another riff-off, so that’s pretty damn aca-citing. Also, we’re assured that Rebel Wilson will be bringing the funny to Pitch Perfect 2 as only she can.

4. This glimpse of the World Championships of A Capella

Pitch Perfect 2

Stunning. I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a comedy, but who doesn’t love well-choreographed song and dance numbers and freaking fire? Since the sequel is going to be set on a global stage, it looks like we can expect big, exciting numbers.

5. The return of Gail Abernathy-McKadden

Pitch Perfect 2

Elizabeth Banks is spot-on in her reprised role from the first movie.

Elizabeth Banks makes a Pitch Perfect directorial debut

6. Whatever this is:

Pitch Perfect 2


7. This sure sign that Fat Amy will still be as funny as ever

Pitch Perfect 2

Rebel Wilson has a knack for slapstick comedy, and this scene serves as the perfect reminder of what we can look forward to.

Teen Choice nominee Rebel Wilson’s best one-liners in GIFs

8. The “chemistry” between Bumper and Fat Amy

Pitch Perfect 2

No, seriously. Apparently, we can expect the two to get down this time around, so there’s that.

Are you excited for the film? Tell us your favorite Pitch Perfect 2 moment in the comments!

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