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7 Reasons this Taryn Manning stalker case is getting really weird

Orange Is the New Black star Taryn Manning’s legal woes just took a turn for the bizarre when her own arrest for stalking her stalker was voided — but the whole thing has been weird from the get-go. Also, unicorns.

1. This wasn’t Manning’s first run-in with the law

Back in 2012, she was arrested for assaulting her assistant Holliann Hartman at the Dream Hotel in NYC. She spent 24 hours in jail, but Hartman declined to press charges. Manning was given a single day of community service as punishment.

2. Manning and her accused stalker were once good friends

But Janine Heller took that friendship too far when she allegedly began trying to convince Manning that another friend was selling secrets about the star to the press. Then, according to court documents, Heller began bombarding Manning with messages to the point where a restraining order was necessary.

3. That restraining order included a dog

Manning found it necessary to make sure the order of protection kept Heller away from the actress’ dog, Penguin. We’re not sure how the dog was dragged into this whole mess.

Taryn Manning’s stalker admits the star may be in serious danger

4. It was a mutual restraining order — meaning Manning was included, too

Heller wasn’t the only one targeted in the order — Manning was prevented from contacting Heller, too. All was well for a little while until bam!…

5. Both were accused of violating the restraining order

Heller got busted first, then recently, Manning was accused of sending her former friend threatening messages via social media. Unfortunately, Manning didn’t show up to court, and a judge cited her for contempt, according to TMZ — but the actress tweeted that it was all BS.

6. But now the arrest Manning says never happened did, but didn’t

So confusing. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Manning wrote, “There are no charges against me. This is just further harassment. It is troubling that the system can be used to abuse the actual victim.” But the NYPD told TMZ she was arrested. And then the DA apparently had the arrest voided.

Manning’s lawyer explained in a statement, “The District Attorney declined to prosecute Ms. Manning, and the arrest was voided. The allegation was false. It is unfortunate that additional false allegations by an individual convicted of violating orders of protection intended to protect Ms. Manning are facilitated by purported news organizations to perpetuate the harassment of Ms. Manning exponentially.”

7. Manning’s response to all this: Unicorns

Tell us: What’s your take on this mess?

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